Liturgical Ministries

As Roman Catholics, our main activity is to gather together and worship our Lord Jesus Christ through mass and other prayer experiences. This is called liturgy. Whether it is mass, or Baptisms, or and evening of prayer, these liturgies need the support of hundreds of people to help prepare and support the prayer experience. The following are the area where you can assist St. Jude in supporting our liturgies.

Listing of Ministries and Coordinators

If you are interested in volunteering to help St. Jude please contact the parish office at 814-833-0927 or send and email to

Liturgical Ministries

Deacon Dick Brogdon

Altar Servers

Rev. John J. Detisch, Pastor

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Colleen Hammon

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Sue Hudson

  • Assist at Mass: Sue Hudson
  • Communion to the Home Bound: Sue Hudson
  • Communion to West Lake Woods: Mimi Baumann

Holy Dusters (Light Church/Chapel Cleaning)


Rev. John J. Detisch

Liturgical Environment

Carol Layden

Music Ministry

Trisha Yates, Music Director

  • Cantor: Trisha Yates
  • Choir: Bruce Yates
  • Instrumentalist: Trisha Yates


Rev. John J. Detisch


Bill Watson